Beyond CHL


Team Anvil Beyond Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Course

Course Hours: 3:30 PM (Check IN), 4:00 PM Start),

Course Complete: 10:00 PM

Course Location: Patriot’s Attic, 4971 Co Rd 130, Huntsville, OH 43324


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Course Description: In this course you will learn how to properly and effectively

-Learn Basic Laws Applicable To The Use Of Firearms In Defense


-Defeat your garment (Get it out of the way)

-Purchase Firearm (Grip while in holster)

-Defeat Your Holster (Draw from holster)

-Present Firearm Towards Threat (Point)

-Fire Firearm Accurately Static And Moving (Max Range of 50 Yards) During Day/Low/No Light Conditions

-Identify/Manage Malfunctions

-Receive Official Certificate Of Completion (Needed for Ohio CHL Application at Local Sheriff’s Office)


What Does Team Anvil Provide To You?


-Range Supplies (Target Stands, Targets, Staples, Target Stickers, Permanent Markers, Spray Paint, Cones, Canopy Cover, Chemical Light).

-Drinks (Water, Coffee, Soda (Variety))


-Official Certificate Of Completion

-Media From Class


What Do You NEED To Bring:



-Firearm Holster For Concealed Carry

-Flashlight (Weapon Mounted or Carry)

-250 Rounds Of Ammunition For Your Firearm


-Weather Appropriate Clothing (NO OPEN TOED SHOES IE: Sandals, Heels,Crocs, Slides, etc.).

Check Weather Before Course.

-Chair To Sit In (During Breaks and Dinner)

-Snacks (As Needed)


This Course MEETS the Ohio Concealed Handgun License requirements needed in order to apply for/be approved for the Ohio CHL

**We always recommend having a consultation/private training prior to attending the CHL in order to knock out all of the house cleaning such as

-Identifying your Goals/Needs

-Helping you pick a firearm (we will go with you to the gun store helping you find the right firearm/ammunition that fits your lifestyle/needs. (If Needed)

-Helping you pick a Holster/Purchase for your firearm(If Needed)

-Firearm education: We will teach you firearm safety, how it functions, how to aim, how to deal with malfunctions, how to load a magazine with ammunition and how to load that magazine into the firearm as well as the mechanics on how to draw the firearm from a holster, present firearm to the target and fire. This is all dry fire training meaning, zero live ammunition is used.


Consultation/ Private Training can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home which is awesome. The cost is $50.00 per hour per person. We recommend a minimum of two hours.

-One Hour to ID Needs/Goals

-One Hour for Firearm Selection/Purchase, Holster Selection/Purchase.


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